Having spent almost thirty years in the construction industry Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in the public and private sectors. As a successful Engineer and industry leading Project Manager she is a Director in three companies and a global professional mentor. With involvement in Graduate training programs and in-house workshops for many of her employers and clients; Becky’s formal training as a Performance Coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.

Becky and team won the AIPM QLD Project Management Achievement Award (Community Service) in 2012 for volunteer work in the creation, execution and delivery of the IPMA Young Crew global workshop (2011).

Her formal training as a performance coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.                                                                        

She believes in the power of support – and the Words of Bek are designed to offer you self support – even if you have no one else supporting you right now.

BekStar’s occasional blog is designed to be thought and conversation provoking. She believes that everyone needs the chance to live a full life no matter the circumstances they were born into or grew up in. The Words of Bek supports equality and fair debate, it does not feed trolls.

She added to her achievements by her contribution to these international magazines –

Hussy Mag (www.hussymag.com.au )Inspirational Women Magazine (www.inspirationalwomenconnecting.com)

Some of her articles have been translated into Spanish for the magazine Mujer Profesionista. El lado femenino del liderato (The Professional Women. The feminine side of leadership).

and is now more focused on writing books and mentoring workshops for the near future while she builds her bookish venture, Imaginarium 2.0 Pty Ltd

Bek has several currently in various stages of production and is due to release them as soon as she possibly can think of a catchy title for each of them.  She has plans for some fiction, as she wants to try and re-write a few fairy tales in the construction world if she can.  Mostly for her own amusement, but perhaps they might catch on.

BekStar collaboration books can be found on the In Print page of this site.

Bek Paroz has numerous years of experience in engineering, construction, management and leadership.

She has spent most of her career creating technical writing for a wide range of projects and operational environments and annoyed people by insisting on less jargon! 

She welcomes contact from anyone who wishes to use her skills in the creation of high-powered, high-functioning, highly efficient leaders and team members.

 2014 Winner of the International Literary Award (Kentucky USA) 

2014 Author and Contributor to 3 international magazines and over 12 leadership publications (USA). 

2012 Project Management Achievement Awards 2012 QLD Winner  
for Community Service and/or Development 

2012 Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM) 

2012 from 2008 – YEPP (Now YPP) Mentoring Volunteer for AIPM SiG 

2010QR National Award for Excellence in Customer Service 

2009 Business Chicks (networking group) Mentor 

2008 Participant in workshop for suicide prevention in construction – now – Mates in Construction Program – OzHelp QLD 

2007 Performance Consultant Coach Certification 

2005 Internal Lead Auditor Training 

2002 University of Southern Queensland –  BEng (Civil)