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Teller of tales, weaver of futures supporting others with their dreams, weaves stories from gossamer and steel, who gets her boots on for breakfast. She is a professional mentor and writer with a history of engineering, construction, project management, and has dealt with some fucked-up shit like child abuse and a lifelong chronic illness.

In my professional life, I chose the difficult path of engineering and construction. I didn’t really choose it, not back then. Back then it was a suitable use of my skills and the fastest way to a high paying long-term career – in my mind – escape! What I didn’t realise, that at no point was this industry going to make my dance with imposter syndrome smooth, more coordinated, elegant. It made it worse. And I still didn’t know what it was, just that I didn’t fit… anywhere.

I was in an industry that (back then) was much more resistant to females in the ‘power roles’ – admin and HR were perfectly fine – but engineer, leader? I was one of 10 women in my university course of over 600. I had some wonderful men who didn’t see my gender as an issue, they went out of their way to acknowledge that as I was bright, determined, and logically smart, I could make it. They supported and trained and mentored me before mentoring was even on the radar as a powerful tool. Since then I have become my own mentor, failing to find anyone who could fulfil that role for me during the early professional years of my life.

The voice that tells me I have come so far from that scared, frightened, shy and subdued young lady is now a roar that echoes through the lives I have affected, showing the world and its propensity for shutting down the shine, that I am here and I am an incredible survivor, a high achiever, and I am not stopping any time soon.

If you want some of the same, contact me now for a short discussion on how you too can get your boots on.

My Mission

15 yrs experience at global, state and national speaking events, workshop implementation and delivery, workshop facilitation and panel presentations such as presentation to industry special interest groups.

The Author of Words of Bek.


Bekstar is the alter ego of the writer Becky Paroz. While Ms Paroz had a “proper” career as a Project Manager in the construction industry for nearly 30 years, Bekstar was the personality that learned to manage the outcomes of growing up in and through domestic violence and being diagnosed with a crippling disease while still a teenager.

Her friend had a star named for her – so there really is a planet Bekstar. That’s how far you can come from where you have been. You can truly reach the stars, no matter your circumstances in life.

While managing risk, safety, compliance, and people in the complicated world of building, construction, mining and processing plants, Becky was also dealing with a confusing and intense upbringing, a life-changing, long-term, chronic illness, and somewhere in there, what life in general tends to add to the mix.

Professional Women’s Network International Literacy Award 2014 QLD Project Management Achievement Award (Community Service) 2012

Professional Mentor 2008 – 2019 for Business Chicks | AIPM | NAWIC | Master Builders –Women Building Australia Program |Private Clients

“It took me years to get comfortable on the notion I don’t fit and be absolutely able to stay confident and garner respect in my industry; not just respect, but awards, recognition and some really fabulous mates. I don’t fit into fashion circles, I love ladies who can really put together an outfit, but it doesn’t do anything for me. My safety boots are my confidence, I stand firm and strong in them. I also have a disease that means I can’t really wear high heels, I love the fact that I followed an industry that means safety boots are fashion du jour. I am different. It’s not bad, or better, a status proclamation, it isn’t a statement for anyone other than me. I feel I’ve earned my confidence in ways that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to experience, but it has been tough, and lonely and a struggle to understand some moments on my journey. It has been rewarding and character building and taken me in directions I never would have gone had I taken any other path. I have pretty much chosen the path less followed and finally made it to the destination with an incredible journey behind me.”


Introduction from Becky Paroz, Award Winning International Speaker, Author and Mentor

Becky Paroz particular encourages people from all backgrounds to apply. She is willing to discuss access requirements for people with disability, she encourages healthy mental support for those who are currently receiving treatment, she has mentored Indigenous business leaders, and several people from diverse religious backgrounds. She is a firm practitioner of equality, so whatever your circumstances and your requirements, Becky will work with you to make it happen. She is not a qualified counsellor and none of these sessions replace qualified medical and professional practitioner advice. Becky simply requests you declare your circumstances so she can ensure that you received the best outcomes possible when you work with her on your journey.


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