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Becky Paroz

Welcome to my online home of all words, writing, projects and musings from me – Becky Paroz.

I’m an Author of both Fact and Fiction.

I’m passionate about Project Management.

I love to share knowledge, which I know equals power.

I’m multi-faceted but a common thread across all my passions are words and presenting.

I hope you can find the solutions you’re seeking. I also encourage you to reach out and connect with me directly either via the website, social media or to my Inbox. I’m here to help.


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Excellence is your base line

Sick of chasing excellence and simply want to be there, achieving excellence?

Check out Becky’s Programs to see how she can simplify your travel time to excellence.

Do you like to rebel against the boxes and labels you’re told you sit within? In fact, do you like to tell those labels to shove their categories up their own ass?
Check out this blog where Becky shows how you can accept that your genre label is for another’s benefit and you absolutely can ignore it.

Do you believe you were born to stand out, live out loud, and play hard at life?
Yeah baby, yeah! Okay, so that was a totally old reference, but it still has meaning. That level of confidence, no matter how bad your teeth, is what you want to rock, right? And look good doing it? Look at Becky’s achievements (link to about me) and wonder how long before you lap her PB when she is the one helping you.

Do you have a level of confidence, but still get kicked in the lady balls occasionally by Imposter Syndrome?

Want to kick right back and tackle that sucker to the ground once and for all? Check out this excerpt from her book and where to get the full details if you like what you read.

Do you get eye strain from eye-rolling at all the mediocrity that sometimes seeps into your awareness? Maybe just a headache?
You have friends here. You are Becky’s ideal client. And she is your ticket to your next big goal.

No generic outcomes, only a bespoke approach tailored to achievement of your ambitions. Contact Becky now to secure your spot on her calendar.

Are you still looking for evidence? Sure, we got plenty of that – what speaks to you?

Bek Is Your Next Keynote

As a keynote speaker with 20 years of experience at industry presentations and facilitation of multi-day conference events, Becky is available to deliver at your next event or workshop. 

Projects & Business

What Becky can do for you and your business and expansion of your capabilities covers:

  • Business Development and Expansion
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Systems
  • Technical Writing

Authoring & Print

Becky is an award-winning self-published author. She offers teaching on how to create your book and self-publish it. She shortcuts the learning journey for authors who are looking to add to their professional profile.

Her passion for writing about male dominated industries, business, resilience and mindset has seen her featured in several compilation books. Her passion for writing Non-Faction, also allows her creative flair for fantasy to appear in print.


Becky contributes to several national publications including industry journals and women’s business magazines on a variety of areas of expertise.  

Writing Features by Bek

Kind Words About Working With Bek

I was fortunate to get to know Becky through the 2018 NAWIC mentoring program, where her enormous amount of project and tier one contractor knowledge was invaluable in filling in some gaps for me and giving me the perspective I needed to continue to grow my business despite the entrance of our first competitor to the market. Becky’s analytical skills and ability to read and understand the people she mentors are the best I’ve ever come across. I later hired Becky as a consultant to provide additional training to some of my staff and help me make some systems and documentation improvements we needed to make in order to win a large tender. As consultant, Becky is effective with her time, results focused and very fair with her billing. I loved Becky’s book and I’ve heard her speak a couple of times now. She’s an engaging and funny speaker with a great personal story who is also very good at reading her audience and adjusting her message to them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Becky as a mentor, a consultant or a speaker. Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Alison Price

Managing Director SoilCyclers Pty Ltd, Director Circular Mine Pty Ltd, Director Austmine, Treasurer Waste Recycling Industry Association of Queensland


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