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Welcome to my online home of all words, writing, projects and musings from me – Becky Paroz.

I’m an Author of both Fact and Fiction.

I’m passionate about Project Management.

I love to share knowledge, which I know equals power.

I’m multi-faceted but a common thread across all my passions are words and presenting.

I hope you can find the solutions you’re seeking. I also encourage you to reach out and connect with me directly either via the website, social media or to my Inbox. I’m here to help.


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Do you like to rebel against the boxes and labels you’re told you sit within? In fact, do you like to tell those labels to shove their categories up their own ass?
Check out this blog where Becky shows how you can accept that your genre label is for another’s benefit and you absolutely can ignore it.

Do you believe you were born to stand out, live out loud, and play hard at life?
Yeah baby, yeah! Okay, so that was a totally old reference, but it still has meaning. That level of confidence, no matter how bad your teeth, is what you want to rock, right? And look good doing it? Look at Becky’s achievements (link to about me) and wonder how long before you lap her PB when she is the one helping you.

Do you have a level of confidence, but still get kicked in the lady balls occasionally by Imposter Syndrome?

Want to kick right back and tackle that sucker to the ground once and for all? Check out this excerpt from her book and where to get the full details if you like what you read.

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Literally…. Words of Bek

The Writer versus Pain

The Writer versus Pain

It’s hungry and the only way to feed it is to pour the words out, vomit and explode them into the page as fast as you can before the ideas the language the colour the flow, it goes

Competition is NOT a Dirty Word

Competition is NOT a Dirty Word

I see so many women hate on the word “competition”. An Aussie woman, Ashleigh Barty, just won the French Open… Do you think she shies away from a little competition?  Congrats Ashleigh, while I am here, you are amazing! Pretty sure Ms Barty competed her ass off...

I’m Finally Outing Myself As A Coach

I did the life coaching qualification thing before Susan became one on “Neighbours”. It was in that moment I stopped calling myself a coach and stopped claiming that as a part of my public skills set. Don’t get me wrong, I have been coaching for 20 years since that qualification and went on to do another one (Performance Coach if you are into labels). I just haven’t “identified” as one.

Resilience – Your Greatest Asset

I was privileged to be invited to the BPW Geelong group to speak at their annual breakfast event, themed “moving On Up”, held at the GMHBA Stadium. It was an incredible view over the grounds as the sun came up. I can admire it because I usually make a point of not being awake when the sun comes up!

The Importance of a Mentor

The Importance of a Mentor

Becky has 20 years’ experience in engineering and construction and has been a qualified Project Manager for over five years and a qualified performance coach for over 10 years. She has been involved in public speaking since one of her managers put her in front of 600 men and told her she had 20 minutes to teach them how to do their job properly. Becky is known for her use of humor to challenge status quo thinking and offering alternative views for consideration. She is motivated to pass on her lessons learned to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.

Everyday Passion

It’s okay to take a break from passion and being passionate. To sustain any kind of intense emotion takes energy. In this busy world, with the expectation on women to “have it all”, we can all feel guilty for not being there yet. We can be our own worst enemy for not achieving something according the goals, the rules, and the deadlines we set, or have set for us.

Writer Questions

Writer Questions

Writer Questions 

Did you always want to be a writer or did you kind of fall into it? Tell us the story of how you came to identify yourself as a writer. 

I used to write in school (many years ago) until my Senior English teacher pretty much killed my love of it. I then spent many years in the construction industry undertaking massive amounts of technical writing, but never really thought of that as writing. I was investigating an option for friends who write, and the contact I was talking to challenged me to write something. 12 anthology contributions later, I kind of got the bug to write.

Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Intro by Words of Bek: I met Jess at the recent Roar Success Awards, where there was much fun, exchange of details, excitement, and true connection between women. Jess has won a packet of awards for her business, including some on this night.Jess was one of the most...

Writer versus Project Management

Writer versus Project Management

I gave a talk last week on approaching writing like you would manage a project. Here are the key points discussed during this talk.
The framework of project management applied to the practice of writing, the use of a professional tool in your creative works


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