Becky has been involved with WIBC from our second or third event. Over the years Bec has been a speaker twice and has helped with networking activities. To say Bec is a inspiration to me personally and the group is an understatement. Bec personifies the grit, determination and strength that we all aspire to in the industry and in life. But what I admire most in Becky is her willingness to share, her kindness and her wisdom. If anyone had the right to say, I’m dealing with my own stuff go away, it would be Becky but she doesn’t.  As Lynne Sturgess often says “Becky you are more than a survivor, you are a revivor!”.

Becky, thank you for being a fabulous friend and a fabulous woman in the industry. You are more than an inspiration!


I applied for Mentoring through the Master Builders Hi Vis Program.   There were three areas I needed assistance in initially: 

  1. Confidence with decision making
  1. Communication skills in a family business environment
  1. Confidence communicating in a male dominated industry

A longer-term goal was guidance in leadership styles and skills and business growth.  

From the first time I spoke to Becky, we clicked, and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her.  Apart from discovering that we had a lot of things in common professionally, Horizons Unlimited had obviously put in a lot of hard work to find the right match.  

In the first meeting Becky, (despite the fact I didn’t know her well at that stage) spoke to me about the value of my position and contribution to my industry.  Becky gave me some different perspectives and tips regarding communication and confidence; and challenged some of my beliefs regarding how others viewed me and how I viewed myself. I felt differently about myself right from that initial meeting, and Becky sowed a seed in me that has resulted in significant growth both professionally and personally and extended to growth in our company.

Without realising it, it was not so much the skills I needed to learn; all I needed was confidence in myself. It was as simple as that.  Once I rediscovered that, we totally smashed every one of our goals.  Becky encouraged me and recognised the value in what I was doing, but most importantly she challenged me.  I found the challenges most valuable as it resulted in growth and evolution.

Becky has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her honesty, willingness to share her time and her own experiences and wisdom, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself – which she and I have achieved together.

I found the experience completely life changing and one of the best things I have done both professionally and personally.

I would recommend Becky to people who are prepared to work to be the best version of themselves and completely change their lives for the better.

Love your work Becky!