Technical Words

Operational manuals, Policies and Procedures, Workflow Mapping, Business Plans. Construction Mgr, Coach, Writer for self development books and international magazines. Can write to specific topics, content to support business planning and development & systems.

Audience Topic (Title) Year
Southern Engineering Conference – USQ The Importance of Human Capital in the Development of Infrastructure” © 2009
AIPM Information

Evening Presentation

Paperless Field Work – Myth or Reality” © 2010
Engineers Australia – Innovation Sub- Committee Presentation Paperless Field Work – Myth or Reality” © 2009
AIPM State Conference “The Importance of the Mentor” © 2010
AIPM National Conference “Transcending Dilbert – A Focus on Global Project Management” © 2010
IPMA Young Crew

Global Workshop

Senior Program Director –

Young Crew Org. Cmtee 2011

International Women’s Conference Women in Project Management  (asked to repeat presentation during conference) 2012
PWN International Woman’s Conference USA Are You a Superwoman ©  – includes book signing 2014
Various Networking and charity events

Author workshops and conferences

Women in Building and Construction




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