Leader, Mentor & High Performance Coach

Professional, career planning, performance coaching. Development of a winning mindset for peak performance. Goal setting and exceeding expectations. Leadership. Confidence. Resilience.

Public speaking, conference planning and delivery, workshop facilitation, workplace team training.. Industry specialist for young Engineers, Project Managers, project team members, subcontractors and compliance personnel. Support for STEM industries.

Specific presentations available. Award winning workshop development, delivery and expert facilitator. Understanding a Contracts for Writers Project Management elements Women in non-traditional industries Technical writing vs creative writing

While managing risk, safety, compliance, and people in the complicated world of building, construction, mining and processing plants, Becky was also dealing with a confusing and intense upbringing, a life-changing, long-term, chronic illness, and somewhere in there, what life in general tends to add to the mix.

Becky has now been running her own consultancy to industry for over 10 years; and has, with the publication of her book ‘Words of Bek’, joined with an industry expert and close friend to start professional industry distribution support for professional writers, particularly technical, indie- and self- published.

With all of the knowledge, lessons learnt, management and leadership skill she has accumulated, Becky is now offering one on one mentoring to VIP clients, group mentoring and specialist workshops to high performing individuals who want to reach for that next level and knows the benefit that focused self-support can offer to improve confidence, resilience, vision, strategic thinking, effective goal setting and truly incorporate all that comes with a winning performance and mindset attitude…

Programs by Becky Paroz

Strategy Session


Spend 3 hour intensive with Becky to discuss what you are good and what you want to do, without the focus on what you don’t want – this is all about looking forward to your potential and identifying ways to obtain your goals. Identifying goals is only the first step.

1 Day Events



Intense practical workshop designed to help your over your fears, be confident in your delivery and able to deal with negative feedback by day end.


Intense limited number of client positions for rapid fire, in-depth, challenging mentoring sessions where you will have no but to act in order to break out your inner GladiatHER. You’ve had a taste, and want more. Gloves off, boots on, action and future focused, you’ve got no more time to waste.

One-to-One and face-to-face mentoring over the course of a day. Intensive, challenging, performance based. Work on your mindset, what is holding you back and why you really want it the way you want it. Results focused, based on goals for professional, business, and entrepreneurial outcomes you set. Leadership, accountability, resilience, tenacity and confidence. These things you have, but you want more.


Boot Camp


Receive up to 8 hours mentoring for the price of the hour you personally receive.

Be present in the room while a selected collective of women each receive an hour personal mentoring, while being present during the other sessions to maximise the professional and business mentoring available. Mentorees can bring work that can be conducted silently, (no phones/music) or take notes as recommended for their personal circumstances.

Fully catered, one day per month for 6 or 12 month duration.

Includes digital and/or print copies of Words of Bek as part of this initial offer.

Get Your Boots On


Intensive, challenging, performance based.

Work on your mindset, what is holding you back and why you really want it the way you want it.

Results focused, based on goals for Professional, business, and entrepreneurial outcomes you set. Leadership, accountability, resilience, tenacity and confidence. These things you have, but you want more.

1.5 hours in total per month for 6 or 12 month duration.

Includes digital and/or print copies of Words of Bek as part of this initial offer.


Boot Camp Online


A combination of video/phone conferencing, messaging and alternative contact methods other than face-to-face events.
Designed for people with disability, remote and international access and timeframes, transport limited, etc.

1.5 hours in total per month for 6 or 12 month duration.

Includes digital and/or print copies of Words of Bek as part of this initial offer.




Launch yourself and your confidence from where it is now to the galaxy during this intensive, challenging, action oriented 2-day retreat/workshop designed to move you so far from that comfort zone, you won’t even recognise it any more.

A note from Becky


For the woman who doesn’t fit in, that journey can be more exhausting. You spend so much time trying to figure out what people are really saying, that you don’t spend significant amounts of time listening to yourself. That can cause some damaging feedback loops, because sadly, and sometimes tragically, our worst versions of ourselves are often reinforced by all the messages delivered externally. You know the ones, you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, smiling enough, calm enough, safe enough, good enough. You’re certainly are too big for your boots if you think you are good enough as women, in some cases…

For the woman who knows how that feels on the inside, but can’t imagine expressing it outside, you’re not a stranger to me. I used to be excruciatingly shy; no one who knows me now would credit it, but I couldn’t talk to anyone in any decently coherent way. Some of it was from my severely “effed-up” childhood, where it was a demand, a command, or a punishment whenever “communication” occurred. There is more about that in my book (Words of Bek) if you are interested. A great portion of that early inability to speak came from being diagnosed with an incurable chronic illness at the age of 18 that was poorly managed by the process at the time. Due to the fact that “only old people” get arthritis, as is still the current view despite being statistically incorrect; I was told that I could, and most likely would, be in a wheelchair by the time I was 24 and not likely to live past 40 with any quality of life.

I had also just started my engineering degree and moved out of home when this happened. Slightly overwhelming also, you might agree. Yes. Terrifying. Possibly, but when you grew up with a father’s fist in your face, it was a kind of terrifying that I had never experienced. Because it was also freedom. It was exhilarating. It was… not home.

What I eventually found was how to turn the survival traits I had from my upbringing and my altered view of the world as a result, and turn it into something… weird. I’m not supposed to be this successful, happy, confident, resilient, leader with what has happened in my past. It took me years to get comfortable with the notion I don’t fit AND be absolutely confident and garner respect in my industry; not just respect, but awards, recognition and some really fabulous mates.

I am different. It’s not bad, or better, a status proclamation; it isn’t a statement for anyone other than me. I feel I’ve earned my confidence in ways that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to experience; it has been tough, and lonely, and a struggle to understand and accept some moments on my journey. It has been rewarding and character building and taken me in directions I never would have gone had I taken any other path. I have pretty much chosen the path less followed and finally made it to the destination with an incredible journey behind me.

I wrote a book of how I got here, trying to be practical and supportive and inclusive. I am taking that to the next level and actually getting out in front of other women to speak to those of you who are deliberately in the back row, who opted for comfortable instead of conforming, who want to be of themselves but also want to be accepted for their edges, as well as their curves.

Having already unleashed HER, I am Embracing The GladiatHER in me, the rebel leader who always wins and gives their all to the outcomes. The tough, calls-it-how-it-is, powerful, motivated human that I am, and all that I have to share with others who want to be the best version of themselves.

That in order to be your best, you have to be your own harshest critic, but there comes a point when it is just critique and you can stop now… because you are already successful and don’t need to drive yourself like a gladiator quite so much anymore. It is time to hone and sharpen skills, rather than prove you have them.

Starting NOW.



    I applied for Mentoring through the Master Builders Hi Vis Program. There were three areas I needed assistance in initially. 1. Confidence with decision making, 2. Communication skills in a family business environment, and 3. Confidence communicating in a male dominated industry.

    A longer-term goal was guidance in leadership styles and skills and business growth.

    From the first time I spoke to Becky, we clicked, and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her. Apart from discovering that we had a lot of things in common professionally, Horizons Unlimited had obviously put in a lot of hard work to find the right match.

    In the first meeting Becky, (despite the fact I didn’t know her well at that stage) spoke to me about the value of my position and contribution to my industry. Becky gave me some different perspectives and tips regarding communication and confidence; and challenged some of my beliefs regarding how others viewed me and how I viewed myself. I felt differently about myself right from that initial meeting, and Becky sowed a seed in me that has resulted in significant growth both professionally and personally and extended to growth in our company.

    Without realising it, it was not so much the skills I needed to learn; all I needed was confidence in myself. It was as simple as that. Once I rediscovered that, we totally smashed every one of our goals. Becky encouraged me and recognised the value in what I was doing, but most importantly she challenged me. I found the challenges most valuable as it resulted in growth and evolution.

    Becky has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her honesty, willingness to share her time and her own experiences and wisdom, are all qualities that I’ve learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself – which she and I have achieved together.

    I found the experience completely life changing and one of the best things I have done both professionally and personally.

    I would recommend Becky to people who are prepared to work to be the best version of themselves and completely change their lives for the better.

    Love your work Becky!










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