Author – Mentor – Leader

QLD Project Management Achievement Award (Community Service) 2012

Professional Women’s Network International Literacy Award 2014

Professional Mentor 2010 – 2018

Having spent almost thirty years in the construction industry Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in the public and private sectors. As a successful Engineer and industry leading Project Manager she is a Director in three companies and a global professional mentor. With involvement in Graduate training programs and in-house workshops for many of her employers and clients; Becky’s formal training as a Performance Coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.

Becky has been and continues to be a speaker at state and national industry conferences; she is a driving force for the development and integration of culture and systems for industry improvement. Delivering workshops that transcend lessons learnt and focus on the improvement of human capital in relation to project management and beyond. Becky is known for her use of humour to challenge status quo thinking and offering alternative views for consideration. She is motivated to pass on her lessons learnt to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.

“I guess my writing is a way of hopefully reaching a much greater audience with knowledge than just that one-on-one. And that’s a way of bigger-picture mentoring; I like to think I’m contributing to the world”

~Becky Paroz, interview on Modern Mentoring with Australian Institute of Project Managers 2012