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January ISSUE OF YMAG -2019

The Words of Bek

For the first time, a collection by international award winning author, Becky Paroz’s writing is available in one book. Accomplished mentor, coach and senior manager in the male dominated world of construction, Becky has experienced all the highs and lows that come from being a driven, professional and passionate leader. 

The Words of Bek; is her first collection of non-fiction writing and captures her insights, journey, horror, and humour that encapsulates her life; including the solutions she found to live her life to the fullest. Her style is supportive, educational, conversational, practical, easy to read and designed to offer the lessons learnt throughout her tumultuous life for others to benefit from. Through childhood trauma, chronic pain due to a debilitating immuno- condition and the vast challenges of her career, Becky has never accepted anything less than achieving and surpassing her goals. She believes everyone needs the chance at a full life no matter the circumstances they were born into or grew up in.

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Overcoming the Good Little Girl Syndrome

Chapter 1 – Good Girl Survival Skills

Practical guide to dealing with the word ‘NO’ and managing the reaction of others when you decide to put you first in your life.  It is not about getting your hate on for others, but rather about getting the self support for you in top shape!

Behind the Mask: the Many Faces of Bullying

Chapters 4 and 9 – Letters to my parents 

A confronting look at the consequences of domestic violence and abuse from a child’s eyes.  A frank discussion of what I went through and how I survived my childhood in very short form.  Self support for fellow travellers of this path.

Sink, Swim or Float

Chapter 5 – Just Keep Swimming

Self support for those who have been dumped by life’s tidal waves.  Thinking positive thoughts doesn’t always help you deal with the debris of your life after you have nearly drowned, figuratively or literally – but this chapter gives you a go at keeping your head above water and encourages you to…. Just Keep Swimming.

The Coaching Gurus

Chapter 12 – Cause and Effect

Rather than the generic “believe it and it will happen” discussion, this self support chapter offers a practical way to start changing your thinking no matter what you have been through.  Because sometimes, you have to be tough on yourself to be as self supporting as you can when life smacks you in the face!

The Female Leader

Chapter 25 – The Secret Language of Men

The first ever piece of writing I completed that sent me down this wonderful rabbit hole!  I was presenting at a Women’s Conference and as a first time attendee at something like this, was astounded to discover that there is apparently a ‘secret language’, or so it is thought.  If there is, having worked with men most of my life, this would be the single greatest difference I see in men and women and their reactions to life’s smackdowns.

This self support chapter offers a really practical way to manage your stress and your thinking when it all gets too much for you.

And I caused a bit of controversy with my delivery, so was asked to present it again the next day.  The Words of Bek are powerful!!

The Empowered Woman

Chapter x – A Jumbo Cup of Empowerment To Go…

This word gets thrown around so much, it is hard to know what it means- or if in fact it has meaning.  I discuss my views on this word and with a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humour, offer a challenge to you…. that it is a verb, a ‘doing’ word, describing an action that results in a feeling of empowerment…

But don’t take my word that this is self support – read it and make up your own mind!

The Power of Transformation

Chapter xx – Reinventing Your Life…

Having reinvented myself from domestic abuse survivor to a powerful woman in control of her own destiny, this is how I did it.  A practical attempt to describe an almost inconceivable journey, this self support guide is an attempt to discuss the techniques I used to change my thinking, my actions, my life.  I really didn’t like the one I was destined for as a result of my childhood, so I created me – the sum of my experiences – all of them.  The ultimate in self support writing.

The Female CEO

Chapter xx – Thick Skin and Teflon Coating

A victim of domestic violence goes to work in the ultimate male dominated industry – engineering and construction!!!  This self support guide talks about learning not to take things personally, being responsible for your own reactions, no matter what the people around label you, or do to you.  Taking care of your mental state in times of high stress, while being triggered by your surrounds on a daily basis – well, I don’t recommend you try it – just read the lessons I learnt in this self supporting chapter.

365 Daily Affirmations

Various Dates 

The funnest book I have contributed to so far.  I chose my favourite sayings (affirmations if you like) and discussed them throughout this book.  A little different, but equally valuable for getting your mind set on track each day of the year.

The Self Esteem Guide for Women

Chapter TBA – Self Bullying: It’s a Crime Against Your Nature

This book is being re-released shortly.  I believe that women can be cruel to themselves in ways they never would be towards a good friend.  This chapter will discuss that phenomenon and offer some self support to kick that habit!

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Chapter unknown – Title Unknown

This book has been released – allegedly.  It has been published and is available on Amazon – allegedly.  I was supposed to receive a copy as a result of my contribution – allegedly.  If you find this book and I am in it – please feel free to let me know how and where – because I would love to see it

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