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Not good enough?  Spending your sleeping hours unable to stop your brain from reminding you of all the ways you have failed, even though you know that is not really true, you continue to list your inadequacies?  Over listening to all that negativity and want to change from stuck to spectacular?  If this sounds like something you do and just know there is a way out of that mindset, you’ve found it.

 The Words of Bek is not just a book, it is a guide to self-support, self-mentoring, and captures the insights, journey, horror, and humour that encapsulates Bek’s life; including the solutions she found to live her life to the fullest. Her style is supportive, educational, conversational, practical, easy to read and designed to offer the lessons learnt throughout her tumultuous life for others to benefit from.  It is for you, the woman who wants more from her life and knows there is a way to make it happen.   Just when you thought there was no one who gets you, there is now.


Bekstar is the alter ego of the writer Becky Paroz. While Ms Paroz had a “proper” career as a Project Manager in the construction industry for the nearly 30 years, Bekstar was the personality that learned to manage the outcomes of growing up in through domestic violence and being diagnosed with a crippling disease while still a teenager.  Her friend had a star named for her – so there really is a planetbekstar. That’s how far you can come from where you have been.  You can truly reach the stars, no matter your circumstances in life.

While managing risk, safety, compliance, and people in the complicated world of building, construction, mining and processing plants, Becky was also dealing with a confusing and intense upbringing, a life-changing, long-term, chronic illness, and somewhere in there, what life in general tends to add to the mix.

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She has now been running her own consultancy to industry for over 10 years; and has, with the publication of her book ‘Words of Bek’, joined with an industry expert and close friend to start professional industry distribution support for professional writers, particularly technical, indie- and self- published.

With all of the knowledge, lessons learnt, management and leadership skill she has accumulated, Becky is now offering one on one mentoring to VIP clients, group mentoring and specialist workshops to high performing individuals who want to reach for that next level and knows the benefit that focused self-support can offer to improve confidence, resilience, vision, strategic thinking, effective goal setting and truly incorporate all that comes with a winning performance and mindset attitude…

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