A GUEST BLOG BY: Maree Ashford of Chrome n Silver Photography

Still hating yourself in those photos?  Are you the nominated “photographer” so that you can avoid having your image recorded for a lifetime?  Do you still judge your image harshly because you aren’t happy with it yet? 

I am here today to tell everyone an important truth in regards to your self-image, self-esteem and confidence. Please DON’T listen to your inner voice telling you to wait until … you look less tired, WAIT until you have lost weight, PAUSE until you grow your hair out, STOP until you find the perfect clothing.

This applies to your personal and professional life. I hear it all the time as a photographer, “I’d LOVE to have some portraits done of myself or of my family & I, BUT I just need to WAIT UNTIL I love myself more”

They are always waiting for the right time or the perfect moment, a moment that may never come or will always be one day, someday, anyday, but not today. The time to start your path to where you want to be is NOW!  Stop putting off enjoying life because of what is not and start celebrating what is.

As a female and an artist I understand the mental anguish that comes with a lack of self-confidence, an absence of self-esteem, a low dose of empowerment which everyone else seems to have or fake perfectly.

I suffer from these things as well, as I can imagine everyone who isn’t a megalomaniac would also do so, even just occasionally.    After all we are only human. It is human to doubt.  It is when we aren’t enjoying our lives as a result, that it helps to change your outlook – or have someone else show you the worthiness you have.

I am asking you to, instead of seeing the “wait for”, seek out the things that make you worthy of reaching out for your goals.  Do it now, because there will never be the perfect time but right now if you really want to live your best life.

One of the reasons I love what I do so much – I love the response to the images of my clients once I show them how I see them, how the camera sees them.  You, the final product. It might be corny, but it truly is the essence of a good portrait to capture the authentic version of the person trusting you with their vulnerable self.  I don’t know your insecurities by heart, what I see is a strong, beautiful soul who needs to let themselves shine and tell a story of who they are, how they are feeling, their individuality.

I simply LOVE doing what I do.

The most common response to the finial result of a portrait session is the client saying “I never knew I could look like that” There is no magic involved there is just you and your inner confidence, even if you don’t feel like you have any, it shines through into who you are and what others see in you. Please don’t wait, instead surround yourself with those who see the inner confidence, those who empower who you, and those that give good welcomed advice to raise you up, and help you fulfill your dreams and boost your self confidence.

Strong Women raise Strong Women

Good women empower other women. No tall poppy syndrome here.

Maree Ashford is a photographer in Brisbane. QLD Australia. If you would love to see more of her work or contact her please click on through to www.chromensilverphotography.com.au or follow her at www.facebook.com/chromensilverphotography/

She also donates her time to various animal rescue groups to promote the lives and stories of all animals in need across the country and is a strong advocate for animal rights.

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