The final installment of our blog series where we have been dissecting the idea of the superwoman.  The last category for judging is upon you. By now I hope you realise that you are doing well just making it through each day!  You are doing the best you can and that is what make you a contender for the title.

This extract is from Becky’ published book, The Words of Bek , and was also the subject of her presentation on Louisville Kentucky USA in 2014. 

Action – Flying Safely

You know that making decisions is only half the story.  The other half is the action required to see it through.  Whether wearing an apron for a BBQ, a business coat for the meeting, a flour covered housedress while baking; juggling a wooden spoon, mobile phone, mixing bowl and engineering plans; while organizing school camp, the next monthly budget report, creating a birthday cake, while setting up the latest science project due; herding dogs with your feet, children with your elbows; greeting a husband welcome home and sending that email; you are doing it.

It may not look elegant; it may not be pretty; it may seem ridiculous watching from afar to another being; it may hurt and it may not look like that all the time either; however it does feel like this, some of the time, for all of us, in whatever our situation is.

So today’s superwomen are the women in this audience; the women who helped put this conference together; the women who will work in the hotel and cater to us during our stay; the women who are nurturing and raising the next generation of leaders for our world; the women who are in hospital recovering from life-saving surgery and the women who are helping them to recover; women everywhere around our world are the picture we need to have of the ultimate Super-Woman, because it is all of us that will make our community truly global if we can but see the superpowers in others and work together.

Now go back to your list of superpowers and maybe think about what else you would like to add and go ahead and write it.  You already have it, but sometimes it feels good to acknowledge it and be supported in that knowledge.  Celebrate with someone today about what your powers are and how good it feels to tell yourself that you are a superwoman just as you are.    B

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Becky Paroz doesn’t fit in.  She has worked for nearly 30 years in the construction industry, taking names and making one for herself.  She loves her workboots, colours her hair purple and speaks loudly with a strong and confident voice.  Bek makes her place in the world, she has never waited for a space to open for her. Moving beyond mentoring within industry for the last 10 years, Becky is now seeking her tribe to connect within and would love to hear from any fellow mavericks and nonconformists out there at any of her social media spots which you can find here (hyperlink)

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