The third installment of our blog series where we have been dissecting the idea of the superwoman.  The next categories for judging whether you are a contender for the title are

Situations – Happen Every Day, and I mean, EVERY DAY

There is always something to have a drama about it.  Especially if you look for it.  Smile whenever possible.  Because it makes a difference to you, not necessarily to everyone else, and that is okay.  Not everyone will ever agree on the correct path at any given time if it is dramatic enough, however you are not stopping a building falling down, catching a train by flying to it and landing on the roof, you are not usually in life threatening situations.  Many situations just need management and time, 2 things that don’t go hand in hand very well, no matter it children or board members; every women has the ability to make great decisions without realising it, that she in fact does it all the time, and needs to take the time out to enjoy her life in between the rest of her life.

Solutions – Trampolining is not for Everyone

We know our superheroine could fly, but we also know, through the wonders of modern media delivery, how better we can create something that looks like flying.  We all know the phrase “fake it until you make it”, but let’s face it, we know that behind the scenes our super lady used a trampoline to get some extra lift because she was pretty tired all the time in her busy, busy (crazy) life.  Both the movie person and you know this to be true

You make instant decisions on the go while juggling a full time family, career, both, working towards a goal, a personal event in health that has become all consuming; a sudden change in circumstance; life happening every day in fact.

You reaches into your briefcase/nappy bag, grab a skill, one sharply honed from many uses and in finely tuned condition and make things happen because they need to happen.  It may not be life changing every time, but all the smaller times, the ones you think don’t count, absolutely do make a difference. You make decisions all the time, so stop doubting yourself, every time.  Please.

Practice in just knowing that you have that superpower, the power of decision, whether it is one you have put on your list from earlier or not and stop trampolining over your own sense of self, your decision making ability, and have a little faith in what you can (and have) achieved already in your life.

So when faced with a decision, just make it with the knowledge that you have then and there.  Second guessing and third guessing and stressing and stressing, do not get you anywhere.  You can stop dressing up for others and put something you want on, take off a costume or a label you don’t like; make a new decision based on new information, try an updated costume, change superpower gears and continue on your journey.

Decisions come up along the way.  Don’t try and buy the time before hand with needless worry, because how you pay for it is with your comfort and your happiness.

BIO: This extract is from Becky’ published book, The Words of Bek (hyperlink to book for sale), and was also the subject of her presentation on Louisville Kentucky USA in 2014.  Becky Paroz doesn’t fit in.  She has worked for nearly 30 years in the construction industry, takitaking names and making one for herself.  She loves her workboots, colours her hair purple and speaks loudly with a strong and confident voice.  Bek makes her place in the world, she has never waited for a space to open for her. Moving beyond mentoring within industry for the last 10 years, Becky is now seeking her tribe to connect within and would love to hear from any fellow mavericks and nonconformists out there at any of her social media spots which you can find here

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