Following on from our previous blog where we discussed the idea of the superwoman, here are some categories for judging whether you are a contender for the title…!

Categories for the Title of Superwoman

  1.  Clothing – Remember As Long as I Wear it With Style ….

Does superwoman really need a costume?  Or is she just too busy being superwoman to worry too much about what she wears?  Is she out there achieving her goals, or getting the costume to the dry cleaners before the next big crisis?  We know which one is real.

If she is a superwoman in the construction industry, she doesn’t have time for dresses, she wears boots, jeans and high visibility clothing that does not look flattering on anyone.  But she doesn’t care, because the role she succeeds in is more important than how she looks. 

Does the superwoman at home always iron her outfit for the day, freshly pressed to ensure she can just whip it on when she gets a call on the “mom-phone” for an emergency pick-up and delivery somewhere that has just been remembered?  Or does she just get in the car in whatever she happens to be wearing and get her children to safety, or the local choir, on time?

Either role, she doesn’t need killer heels every time, a briefcase over her shoulder; a baking pan and wooden spoon in her hand.  She needs a few important things like attitude, confidence and stature; standing strong in her environment, whether it be armed with a cardi(gan) or a cape; facing the situation at hand no matter, her inner armour is assurance in her own abilities.

  • Super Powers – Portfolio of Abilities

Make a list…. Take one minute to make a quick list of top 3 superpowers that you would love to have in your life right now.  You can write more than 3, but for now, GO.

Examples include – organization, time management, cook extraordinaire, event manager, safe driver, the ability to put a straight crease in a garment with an iron!

Take a moment to add a few more, because we all know that women ar so used to doing, they forget to remind themselves that they are doing fine.  So even if you only managed to think of one (and I know you have more than that!) you are still winning at life because you got out of bed today 😀

Share the list with friends and get them to add a few more.  Check in over the next few days and add to the list as you realise finding the remote control is a super power!

This extract is from Becky’ published book, The Words of Bek (hyperlink to book for sale), and was also the subject of her presentation on Louisville Kentucky USA in 2014. 

Becky Paroz doesn’t fit in.  She has worked for nearly 30 years in the construction industry, taking names and making one for herself.  She loves her workboots, colours her hair purple and speaks loudly with a strong and confident voice.  Bek makes her place in the world, she has never waited for a space to open for her. Moving beyond mentoring within industry for the last 10 years, Becky is now seeking her tribe to connect within and would love to hear from any fellow mavericks and nonconformists out there at any of her social media spots which you can find here

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